Winter Harbour BC Salmon Fishing (lures bait)

Posted on October 8, 2013

Winter Harbour-What lures and bait do I use to catch Spring Salmon in Winter Harbour? Most of the  Winter Harbour guides use hard or soft lures. Partly because of cost  and partly because there are so many fish, both Coho and Springs and they are so deep that checking bait every time the rod wiggles is a pain. This year (2014) I have been using White Hoochie's behind a flasher with a long leader. Grant Bay has been giving up both Halibut and Chinooks in early July

Regardless both options work very well. I use a braided line on Sage 6012 Reels. My logic is the due to the depth we fish outfront of Kains Island or further up. The stretch and slack line that happens at 200 or 220 ft when using mono is incredable, hence the newbie will loose more fish shortly after the strike. Settng the hook becomes pointless because you are pulling on slack line or stretch. If using mono at that depth.You have to reel 50 or 60 feet of line in before you are even feeling the fish never mind setting a hook. Braided line at that depth has no stretch or memory and it can be set with minimal slack as a result of drag from my troll spead. The result is the fish sets the hook when striking, pulling the line off the ball. The Angler feels the fish almost immediately.Almost all the hoochies were working this year bright white on cloudy days darker colors on sunny days. A touch of light blue seemed to drive the Springs crazy this year. Spoons  no. 4 or 5 green if you wanted Coho after the Coho arrived. The springs liked that dark blue spoon.All the bait holders worked well with flashers as long as it was green or chartroose. I started using that Pro-Troll Bait hollder with echip without a flasher. It worked  very well. I put a small UV flasher  off the cannon ball but nothing infront of the Pro-Troll. When a Pring hits that on braided line even at 220 feet it is thrilling.