Halibut Fishing Winter Harbour BC 2014

Posted on July 23, 2014

Steve Mawdsley - Halibut Fishing from Brooks Bay near Winter Harbour. Brooks Bay is a Short run (maybe 25 mins) from Winter Harbour. Once there we can troll for Halibut in shallow water 115 - 150 feet of water.

Steve Mawdsley of Reel Crazy Fishing Charters Winter Harbour has beeen guiding for Halibut around Brooks Bay.
"We start out in about 215 feet of water trolling right on the bottom using a large spoon with a hunk of Salmon Belly or a Mackerel attached.
Halibut love Salmon Bellies and Mackerel. We have been trolling south west aiming towards lawn Point. 35 - 45 Pound Halibuts are being caught
by our guests regularly. The troll is about a 1/2 mile long or until you reach about 150 feet of water. My preference is to pull the gear and run back to
the starting waypoint. The Guys also tried one halibut line and one shallow line for Chinooks 70 feet. It worked resulting in a double header 1 halibut & Chinook.
That's it for now from Winter Harbour 2014 #winterharbour #halibut