Halibut Fishing Winter Harbour 2013

Posted on September 28, 2013

Steve Mawdsley guides his clients on the Reel Crazy. Clients had a great year Halibut fishing off Winter Harbour Vancouver Island in 2013. Everywhere we put down the hook near Winter Harbour we caught Halibut. Less than 10 minutes out of Winter Harbour and to the left in 115 feet of water Bingo a 50 pound halibut.

Also out front of Kains Island in 250 ft there was Halibut galore. Sometimes it was double headers , which in itself is an interesting senerio. We have found that in these 2 locations it is best to be on the slack or just either side of it. The one halibut spot near Mcalister Island produced Halibut up until the last day on fishing in Winter Harbour. We found if we gave it a 1 day rest and then came back and anchored on the numbers there was another halibut there waiting for us


Brian with a 50 pond Halibut.. Caught this Hali about 10 minutes away from the Government Dock Reel Crazy Fishing Charters Winter Harbour 1013