Fishing Report Winter Harbour on Vancouver Island

Posted on March 5, 2013

Salmon Fishing Report Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound) Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound) is the last true unspoiled uncrowded sports fishing spots on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There are some 78 spawned Rivers Creeks feeding Quatsino. Three productive fish hatcheries, the Marble River being the largest and most pro-active. All major BC, Washington, Oregon & California Chinook,Coho salmon runs pass Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound). We fish well into September for Coho,Silver Salmon in Quatsino as well.



Coming out of Forward inlet & right in front of you will be Kains Island Light house. Fish for Chinooks Kings inside of Kains island following the other boats setting your down rigger to 40ish feet. hug the kelp beds when heading southwest. Continue trolling past the helipad and watch on your sounder for it to start shallowing up quickly. Raise your lines up to 20 feet and veer to your port and follow this shelf south off the island for about 1000 YARDS. Frequently on the turn we pick up nice thirty pound kings . Do a loop and head straight back towards the island being sure to watch that shallow reef.  Lower your gear to about 90 feet on the way back as you are on over 140 feet of waterThis spot works best on the  flood. It can get a bit nasty at the southwest side of Kains when the wind comes up.


2.5 To 4 mies off Lippy Point (Grant Bay) in 300 feet of water (sweet spot) set your 15 lb ball at 180 – 220 ft. for Chinooks late June through August. Coho salmon in 2012 were on the hook all the way down to 200 feet. up to 18.5 lbs. Chinook salmon in 2012 average 28 pounds. Chinook salmon in 2013 averaged 18 to 20 lbs.

Also look on your chart about 2.4 miles off Grant Bay for a rock structure fondly called the Cock & Balls because that’s what it looks like. Can’t miss it.

Troll over that and usually pick up anything from Chinooks to Lings. Get an early start and remember the wind comes up at about noon.



4 miles off Topknot in 300 feet Salmon Highway). Same show as Lippy Point.

This can also be referred to the bottom of the RCA ( Rock Cod Conservation Area) There is no fishing inside the boundary of the RCA. Check your DFO Lat Longs 50°29.000’ north latitude, then true west to the intersection with the meridian passing through 128°18.000’ west longitude, then true north to Cape Palmerston. Work this whole area  using 300 feet as your sweet spot depending on where the fish are hitting or what the weather is doing.

SALMON FISHING CLIFF POINT NEAR WINTER HARBOUR: At Cliff Point at the DFO marker fish along the shore towards Harvery Cove. At the entrance to Harvery Cove notice the rocks and heavy waves crashing. Fish as close to that as possible on an ebb tide. If the Chinooks are there you will catch them.



September 10 2013 fishing around Quatsino Sound has tapered off. Lots and lots of Coho around but no great size or numbers are being caught. Out at Winter Harbour around Cliff Point nothing much going on. Over to Mcalister isalnd we caught a few 10 to 12 lbs but we had to work for them. Kains Island produced a few wild Coho  on the outside good size 14 lbs. Still an amazing amount of Chinooks off Kains Island. 15 18 lbs.