Fishing Report - Early June 2017

Posted on June 13, 2017


Fishing Report - Hunting for Halibut Early June 2017

Normally we fish for our Halibut a few miles off the beach from Brooks Bay up Scott Channel. That's about a 40 mile stretch of coastline.

In late May and very early June the Halibut seem to be in much closer to the beach.
For example, The Gilliam Island green can (the noisy one) has a plateau surrounding it 250 to 220 feet. Normally I would not fish there.

But on June 4th I was Hunting my regular anchor up spots with little success. The weather was getting a little nasty so I went over to that green can and put a rod down with some pink salmon, "nothing". I put octopus on the other rod, "nothing" (this was drifting BTW). I had 3 left over herring so I put one on one of the rods and started another drift. BINGO ... A big hit. Got her up to the boat and she was well over size and let her go. I put the last two herring on the rods and continued the drift now in about 215 feet of water pretty close to the green can. Both rods got big hits and of course they crossed over under the boat a couple of times. That took about 1/2 hour of cutting to get that mess sorted out. Both again were over sized so they were released. I managed to salvage the last herring and put it on a Pro-Troll clip with a small spreader. Worked. Got a 40+ Hali, called it a day and went to the dock.

I was talking to David Robinson who was also trolling inside of Kains Island and picked up a small Hali and a Chinook.

It looks like we are in for a good season.
I'll report back soon.