Bringing your own boat to Winter Harbour

Posted on June 19, 2017

I have received several requests for information about bringing your own boat to Winter Harbour. Albeit most of our fishermen/women tend to use our all inclusive options there is the option of bringing your own boat to Winter Harbour. Stay at the main house (all meals included) or rent one of the 4 cabins. I'll touch on the cabin rental in the next BLOG.

Getting your boat to Winter Harbour
The best ways (and I've tried them all) is to drive to Coal Harbour or Port Alice and drop your boat in at one of these launches. Port Alice has a steep hill for several KM after leaving highway 19 for 1/2 hour (that can put a strain on your truck if pulling a larger boat) but Port Alice has a great boat launch and wharf to tie to while parking your rig. If you are in a camper one of your crew can drive the boat to Winter Harbour while the other drives the camper. No fuel dock, but Port Alice is actively encouraging tourism.

Coal Harbour is a left turn off highway 19 with a 20 minute drive to the boat launch. This boat launch ($10.00) is the old Sea Plane launch. It is still used today. It is low slope so tide needs to be well on its way to flood. There is a wharf to tie up to while putting trailer in semi secure paid parking.

If you have a camper same thing as Port Alice: one drives the boat and one drives the camper.
Both of these options have about an 1 hourĀ  and 10 mins drive time at 28 -30 MPH in your boat.
If you are driving your boat from highway 19 to Winter Harbour, it is about 1.5 hours on maintained active logging road (spare tires are a must) with an acceptable gravel boat launch tide sensitive in Winter Harbour.

That's it. Questions Give me a call anytime.