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I have received several requests for information about bringing your own boat to Winter Harbour. Albeit most of our fishermen/women tend to use our all inclusive options there is the option of bringing your own boat to Winter Harbour. Stay at the main house (all meals included) or rent one of the 4 cabins. I'll touch on the cabin rental in the next BLOG.

Getting your boat to Winter Harbour
The best ways (and I've tried them all) is to drive to Coal Harbour or Port Alice and drop your boat in at one of these launches. Port Alice has a steep hill for several KM after leaving highway 19 for 1/2 hour (that can put a strain on your truck if pulling a larger boat) but Port Alice has a great boat launch and wharf to tie to while parking your rig. If you are in a camper one of your crew can drive the boat to Winter Harbour while the other drives the camper. No fuel dock, but Port Alice is actively encouraging tourism.

Coal Harbour is a left turn off highway 19 with a 20 minute drive to the boat launch. This boat launch ($10.00) is the old Sea Plane launch. It is still used today. It is low slope so tide needs to be well on its way to flood. There is a wharf to tie up to while putting trailer in semi secure paid parking.

If you have a camper same thing as Port Alice: one drives the boat and one drives the camper.
Both of these options have about an 1 hour  and 10 mins drive time at 28 -30 MPH in your boat.
If you are driving your boat from highway 19 to Winter Harbour, it is about 1.5 hours on maintained active logging road (spare tires are a must) with an acceptable gravel boat launch tide sensitive in Winter Harbour.

That's it. Questions Give me a call anytime.

Fishing Report - Early June 2017

Posted on June 13, 2017


Fishing Report - Hunting for Halibut Early June 2017

Normally we fish for our Halibut a few miles off the beach from Brooks Bay up Scott Channel. That's about a 40 mile stretch of coastline.

In late May and very early June the Halibut seem to be in much closer to the beach.
For example, The Gilliam Island green can (the noisy one) has a plateau surrounding it 250 to 220 feet. Normally I would not fish there.

But on June 4th I was Hunting my regular anchor up spots with little success. The weather was getting a little nasty so I went over to that green can and put a rod down with some pink salmon, "nothing". I put octopus on the other rod, "nothing" (this was drifting BTW). I had 3 left over herring so I put one on one of the rods and started another drift. BINGO ... A big hit. Got her up to the boat and she was well over size and let her go. I put the last two herring on the rods and continued the drift now in about 215 feet of water pretty close to the green can. Both rods got big hits and of course they crossed over under the boat a couple of times. That took about 1/2 hour of cutting to get that mess sorted out. Both again were over sized so they were released. I managed to salvage the last herring and put it on a Pro-Troll clip with a small spreader. Worked. Got a 40+ Hali, called it a day and went to the dock.

I was talking to David Robinson who was also trolling inside of Kains Island and picked up a small Hali and a Chinook.

It looks like we are in for a good season.
I'll report back soon.

Outdoor Sortsman Shows 2015

Posted on December 7, 2014

VICTORIA BOAT & FISHING SHOW - February 20- 22 GR Pearkes Arena.

BC BOAT AND SPORTSMEN'S SHOW - March 6 - 8 Trade EX Abbotsford

I invite you to come visit me at the Reel Crazy Winter Harbour Fishing Charter Booth at the Victoria Boat & Fishing Show or the BC Boat and Sportsmen's Show. See our compilation of Pictures of Winter Harbour Quatsino Sound Fishing Trips. Let us show you that Sports Fishing Winter Harbour with or without a guide is easier than you may think. #Winterharbour the last true bastion of remote Sports Fishing.

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Halibut Fishing Winter Harbour BC 2014

Posted on July 23, 2014

Steve Mawdsley - Halibut Fishing from Brooks Bay near Winter Harbour. Brooks Bay is a Short run (maybe 25 mins) from Winter Harbour. Once there we can troll for Halibut in shallow water 115 - 150 feet of water.

Winter Harbour-What lures and bait do I use to catch Spring Salmon in Winter Harbour? Most of the  Winter Harbour guides use hard or soft lures. Partly because of cost  and partly because there are so many fish, both Coho and Springs and they are so deep that checking bait every time the rod wiggles is a pain. This year (2014) I have been using White Hoochie's behind a flasher with a long leader. Grant Bay has been giving up both Halibut and Chinooks in early July

Steve Mawdsley's Fishing Charters uses Dick's Last Resort in Winter Harbour for accommodation lodging. Dick's Last Resort in  Winter Harbour is an all inclusive B & B  that can accommodate about 12 guests. Dicks is right on the Boardwalk at the Winter Harbour Wharf so moorage is not a problem if you are bringing your own boat.

Winter Harbour BC Fishing Charters 2013

Posted on September 30, 2013

Steve Mawdsley is the Winter Harbour Guide the boat Reel Crazy Fishing Charters in Winter Harbour BC. Reel Crazy Fishing Charters can accommodate 4 anglers per trip with 2 anglers per boat. This year in Winter Harbour some of the largest numbers and largest Chinook Salmon were caught with Steve & 2 anglers on the boat.

Halibut Fishing Winter Harbour 2013

Posted on September 28, 2013

Steve Mawdsley guides his clients on the Reel Crazy. Clients had a great year Halibut fishing off Winter Harbour Vancouver Island in 2013. Everywhere we put down the hook near Winter Harbour we caught Halibut. Less than 10 minutes out of Winter Harbour and to the left in 115 feet of water Bingo a 50 pound halibut.

Salmon Fishing Report Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound) Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound) is the last true unspoiled uncrowded sports fishing spots on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There are some 78 spawned Rivers Creeks feeding Quatsino. Three productive fish hatcheries, the Marble River being the largest and most pro-active. All major BC, Washington, Oregon & California Chinook,Coho salmon runs pass Winter Harbour (Quatsino Sound). We fish well into September for Coho,Silver Salmon in Quatsino as well.

Travel Directions to Winter Harbour BC

Posted on January 28, 2013

Drive to Coal Harbour near Port Hardy BC and Launch your boat. Drive to Coal Harbour from Nanaimo Ferry (Departure Bay). Highway 19 North. Drive north past  Parksville, Courtney Comox Campbell River. Get fuel before leaving Campbell River as it gets much more pricey as you go further north.